4 Steps to Achieving an Effective Direct Mailer Strategy

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From an Account-Based Marketing perspective, one important thing to keep in mind about direct mail is that one strategy certainly does not fit all. While volume is important, I have found much more success with targeted, personalized mailers. If you decide to adopt an ABM direct mail approach, here are some tips to utilize.

Step 1: Identify Who to Target

The first step I take to execute a successful direct mail campaign is to identify the right person to target within an organization. Typically, I look for two types of prospects — the executive and the practitioner.

Connecting with an executive (who is likely the decision maker) is a fantastic way to put BrightFunnel on his or her radar. Even though I may not receive a response directly from the executive, I’ve found that a mailer often leads to internal discussions, followed by a demo request from the executive’s direct reports.

I also like to target marketers who will become the everyday users of our platform if they were to become customers. For us, this group consists of Demand Generation Marketers, Marketing Operations folks, Digital Marketers, and Field Marketers to name a few. I like sending direct mailers to these folks because our value proposition resonates with them and they likely receive fewer mailers than their executives!
Step 2: The Perfect Package

My next step is designing the perfect package.

In order to identify what my prospect cares about, I comb through their social media channels to see what they’re posting about. One example of a direct mailer I sent was a pasta package! This came about when I selected a VP of Marketing I wanted to target and looked through her social channels. On her Twitter account, I saw that she and her two sons LOVED pasta. I did a little shopping and found some fun-shaped pasta that I thought she and her boys would appreciate. I sent the cool pasta with some locally made tomato sauce her way. This VP responded to me immediately!  In a world where everyone’s days are super busy — this was a huge win for me, and she also mentioned in her email to me that this was the “most creative outreach she’s ever received.”

I like using social media because it’s an effective resource to learn about my prospects. I don’t always discover something that will resonate with my prospect personally, so when if all else fails, I’ve found a lot of success sending cookies.

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