Link Building Tips For Your Local SEO

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Link Building Tips For Your Local SEO

Here are six actionable tips you can use to earn local backlinks today:

1. Sponsor Local Organizations

Much of what makes local link building successful involves being a part of your community in some form. Consider some of these common organizations:
  • Student clubs and groups
  • City fundraisers or events
  • Animal shelters
A great way to earn local backlinks is to sponsor or donate to these types of organizations. In the case of a city event, you can earn a link on the city’s website by participating in the event as well. Furthermore, sponsoring a local school group or club can earn you a link from a .edu domain which is particularly valuable.

2. Partner With Local Businesses

Another excellent way to earn local backlinks is to partner and cross-promote with other businesses in your area. This is a concept called Reciprocal Referral relationships. The idea is to find businesses that offer a complementary service or product.
Obviously you don’t want to promote a competitor, so look for local businesses that offer something your customers would be interested in that works well with your own offerings. A great example would be if a gym partnered with a health food store.
Reach out to the other business and offer them a link to their site within your own, possibly as part of a promotion, and ask that they link to you in return. This link can be placed within content, or as part of your efforts creating a blog resource for your audience.
So long as these links are relevant to your customers on both sides of the equation, you’ll be offering additional exposure and value for both companies.

3. Discounts For Alumni and Students

Offering discounts for students and alumni from local schools and universities in your community is an excellent way to earn a backlink from a reputable .edu domain. If you want to expand your reach on this front, you can also offer discounts for senior citizens or members of the military.
By searching for keywords like “ “student discounts”  with your city’s name, you can find pages where they post links to organizations that offer discounts. By offering something similar and reaching out to your local schools or universities, you can earn a backlink from a local educational institute.
For other types of discounts, the same approach applies. Simply replace the keyword “student discounts” with the type of discount you’re looking to offer.

4. Interview a Local Figure or Celebrity

Whether it’s a person in the local government, or a well-known public figure in your community, organizing an interview with them can create a lot of buzz for your website. Once you’ve completed the interview, you can post a video or transcript on your site and promote the piece to other local businesses or to the city’s website.
Interviewing the right person on the right topics can generate a lot of buzz and backlinks to your site, thus bringing in new traffic and potential customers.

5. Host an Event in Your Community

This one is incredibly simple, but it offers huge potential for links and social media exposure. All you need to do is plan a big event for the whole community to attend. Whether it’s a holiday celebration or a big sale, posting information on your website and promoting it to all the local businesses and to the city government, you can earn tons of local backlinks.
As an added bonus, talk about the event on social media to spread additional buzz about your brand.

6. Offer Testimonials

As your business grows and expands, you’ll more than likely utilize other products and services within your community. In these cases, you can reach out to the company and tell them how satisfied you were with their product and you’d love to offer them a testimonial and review of their product.
In exchange, they can provide a link back to your site. They benefit from the positive feedback and recommendation, and you’ve earned yourself another local SEO link.

Final Thoughts

Local SEO is an incredibly valuable strategy for businesses to rank higher on search engines for location-specific keywords. By building backlinks specific to local businesses, schools, and organizations, you can strengthen this aspect of your online strategy and elevate your website to new heights.
How do you build backlinks for local SEO? What tips would you offer? Let us know in the comments!

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