What is an ALT Tag in #Emailmarketing?

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The #Email #Marketing Superhero: ALT Tag

An ALT tag is coded text that is visible to the user when an image cannot be displayed. Think of ALT tags as your backup plan. When images don’t download automatically by an email client or the recipient chooses not to open your email, the alternative text will be displayed instead.
ALT tags are important for the following reasons:

  1. When an email client doesn’t automatically download images, ALT text gets your message across to the email recipient. In instances when you emails rely heavily on images, ALT tags come in handy.
  2. In the unfortunate situation where images cannot load due to a bad connection (or alien invasion), ALT tags come in to save the day just like your favorite childhood superhero to provide some context.
  3. One word: opportunity. Do you like missing opportunities? Me neither. ALT tags can be used to further entice an open, and if you don’t use them, you might just miss out.
Here’s an example of a Marketo email with ALT text. Although images were blocked on Gmail, the ALT text on the Marketo logo image (top left), the three social media buttons (top right), and the header banner reveal what the images would have shown. Even though these images are blocked, it clearly says “Leveraging Psychology in Digital Marketing,” making it clear to the recipient what we’re offering.



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