Know About Shipping & Logistics Expo

An Overview

Logistics is all about being in the right place at the right moment. Shipping & Logistics Lebanon Conference and Exhibition 2019 is a most attractive opportunity for establishing contacts with potential partners and for evaluating cooperation options.

Join an audience of shippers, carriers and vendors from across sectors to network and learn about the most important issues facing supply chains, businesses and the people who run them.

It is the definitive meeting place in Lebanon for logistics and supply chain professionals, linking logistics buyers from FMCG’s, Retail, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Automotive with the leading logistics service providers in the region. Freight forwarders, shipping lines, rail providers, ports and warehousing providers will be joined by materials handling suppliers, supply chain consultants, certification bodies and ITC providers, all showcasing their products and services.

As a platform for knowledge sharing between Lebanon’s logistic sector’s most influential stakeholders, it is your best opportunity to meet, connect and build contacts in Lebanon and beyond.

SHOWCASE your solutions/technologies and sell in person to the largest logistics community in Lebanon

GENERATE potential sales leads from new and existing customers
INCREASE awareness of your company's products/services
NETWORK with existing and new customers
EDUCATE customers about your products/services
MEET commercial prospects face-to-face
LAUNCH new products to key decision makers in the industry
BENCHMARK your products and services against competitors
BE a part of the leading transportation, maritime, ports, logistics and shipping meeting place in Lebanon
MEET Lebanon's logistics industry leaders, understand their needs, and develop business relationships
SHOW the international transportation, telecommunication, maritime, ports, logistics and shipping industry what your company has to offer
SHOWCASE your latest innovative solutions and technologies to transport authorities, transport and urban planners, public transport operators, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders in Lebanon to raise your brand profile.

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4 Best and Free Email Hosting Services for Your Custom Domain


No matter where you're hosting your website, custom domain email is one of the vital assets to ensure your target audience can easily connect with you. If your web hosting plan doesn't include email hosting, using a free email address on your contact page can leave a bad impression on you and your business. Fortunately, there are several good email hosting solutions which can be used to get a custom domain email address. I've handpicked some of the free and popular services which can be used to power email communication using your custom domain name.

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7 Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

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More traffic to a website does not always mean more revenue, unless the revenue model is purely based on display advertising. Display advertising model brings the lowest revenue per visitor compared to all the other revenue models and there are some studies that suggest that only 27% of the internet visitors actually end up looking at a display ad.

One of the best ways to monetize internet web traffic is to convert them into leads and then promote a product or service to them via email marketing or a follow up phone call. This is also called Inbound marketing. Outbound marketing or interruption advertising is no longer effective because people are getting better at tuning out of interruption.

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4 Steps to Achieving an Effective Direct Mailer Strategy

From an Account-Based Marketing perspective, one important thing to keep in mind about direct mail is that one strategy certainly does not fit all. While volume is important, I have found much more success with targeted, personalized mailers. If you decide to adopt an ABM direct mail approach, here are some tips to utilize.

Step 1: Identify Who to Target

The first step I take to execute a successful direct mail campaign is to identify the right person to target within an organization. Typically, I look for two types of prospects — the executive and the practitioner.

Connecting with an executive (who is likely the decision maker) is a fantastic way to put BrightFunnel on his or her radar. Even though I may not receive a response directly from the executive, I’ve found that a mailer often leads to internal discussions, followed by a demo request from the executive’s direct reports.

I also like to target marketers who will become the everyday users of our platform if they were to become customers. For us, this group consists of Demand Generation Marketers, Marketing Operations folks, Digital Marketers, and Field Marketers to name a few. I like sending direct mailers to these folks because our value proposition resonates with them and they likely receive fewer mailers than their executives!
Step 2: The Perfect Package

My next step is designing the perfect package.

In order to identify what my prospect cares about, I comb through their social media channels to see what they’re posting about. One example of a direct mailer I sent was a pasta package! This came about when I selected a VP of Marketing I wanted to target and looked through her social channels. On her Twitter account, I saw that she and her two sons LOVED pasta. I did a little shopping and found some fun-shaped pasta that I thought she and her boys would appreciate. I sent the cool pasta with some locally made tomato sauce her way. This VP responded to me immediately!  In a world where everyone’s days are super busy — this was a huge win for me, and she also mentioned in her email to me that this was the “most creative outreach she’s ever received.”

I like using social media because it’s an effective resource to learn about my prospects. I don’t always discover something that will resonate with my prospect personally, so when if all else fails, I’ve found a lot of success sending cookies.

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Happy Lohri 2018

May the bonfire give you warmth and joys of life, rewari and gachak bring sweetens to your relationships, moongphalli and til add crispness to your actions, and the kite of your success soar high into the sky! Happy Lohri! #HappyLohri2018


5 Steps to a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to a Powerful #DigitalMarketing Strategy

According to a ‘Managing Digital Marketing’ study by Smart Insights, 46% of brands don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy, while 16% do have a strategy but haven’t yet integrated it into their marketing activity. But here’s the thing: if you don’t have a plan in place how can you expect to grow and innovate, to measure meaningful results and to learn from past mistakes?

It’s time to stop panicking about next year or next month and start crafting a plan that can pack a powerful punch. We’ve selected the 5 most important steps that you, the decision maker should take to ensure that your digital marketing efforts create a real impact on your bottom line.


Facts Digital Marketing for 2017

#DigitalMarketing  #bestdigitalmarketing #ideobiz

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t believe any of them, and find myself ignoring all of them, which is probably not the greatest approach. So what do we do?

We need facts. Since Google’s algorithm changes every 7 hours, thriving online is always going to be a moving target, so hard facts are a rarity. And oftentimes, what was a hard fact yesterday is old news today, and doesn’t even apply anymore.

So in the spirit of finding something actually helpful to you and your digital marketing efforts, let’s get into a few facts that we do know, and see how they might apply to you:

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10 benefits of Email Marketing

10 benefits of #emailmarketing

Email marketing is utilised by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Those who are unfamiliar with this method of advertising may not immediately understand why it is so popular amongst companies in a variety of industries – but here are ten reasons why email marketing is seen by many as vital marketing tool.

10. Low-cost

One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. There are no print or postage costs and no fees paid in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel. Email marketers might consider investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. Granted, there may be a small overhead for sending thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels.

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Are you Missing Out on the Benefits of Local Search?
A Guide to #GooglePlaces
Are you Missing Out on the Benefits of Local Search?

Local Search has been incorporated into the results of #Google and #Bing for some time now as a method of segmenting search results for users looking for a business based on its location.

The aim of local search is to provide a search user with a selection of businesses near-by without the need to visit many different websites to find the locations or get contact information.

I still find that some business owners have not claimed their listing, and some that have at least put their business on the map have not filled out their profile or business details enough to have a chance against their competitors.

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